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Welcome to the Grant Parish Assessor's Office website.  This site has been established to provide information regarding the operation of our office and links to other helpful websites.

In Louisiana, the various parish Assessors are responsible for discovering, listing and valuing all property within their respective parishes for ad valorem (property tax) purposes.  The Grant Parish Assessor must maintain this information on approximately 11,000 parcels of property.  This includes all real estate and related improvements along with all person property used in the course of business.

The mission of the Grant Parish Assessor's office is to insure that all property is assessed in a fair and equitable manner.  All assessments must be made in accordance with laws contained in the Constitution and the Revised Statutes of the State of Louisiana.  The Assessor is responsible for filing the annual tax roll with the Louisiana Tax Commission.  The Assessor is also responsible for obtaining annual approval of all millage rates by the Louisiana Legislative Auditor. 

The Assessor also maintains cadastral (ownership) maps for all parcels in the parish, along with the legal descriptions and current ownership of each parcel.  The Assessor assists each municipality in the parish with preparation of annual tax rolls for each town and village.

The Grant Parish Assessor's office is dedicated to serving the people of Grant Parish.  This is your office and if we can assist you with a property-related matter please feel free to contact this office.